Failing Fast, Why it should be embraced

Only 13% of all clinical trials will be successful at bringing a product or device to market.

However, if monitoring improves, we have demonstrated that:

  1. your chance for success increases


2) in the event your trial might not succeed, On-Time Trials (OTT) has the ability to alert you so that you can save money, leverage learnings, and relaunch. At OTT, we commonly refer to this as “failing fast”.

The story hasn’t changed over the years… there is a huge void in real-time decision-making during a clinical trial. We still consistently hear within the industry that the management of data monitoring remains antiquated. It’s most often based on note pads and excel sheets, maintained by a CRA and their management team. This leads to small amounts of visibility at the sponsor and CRO executive levels — which supports a slow and reactive-based response to the critical clinical trial’s success.

On-Time Trials Integrates with current EDC’s & CTMS

Imagine, however, if there was information that could be reviewed in a dynamic, real-time dashboard with alerts and charts to help all key decision-makers stay informed and make nimble decisions? Even better, what if it works alongside all of your current EDC and CTMS solutions already in place? This is one of the highlights of the OTT offering.

How On-Time Trials can help to fail fast

With OTT you can benefit from a dynamic monitoring system, which facilitates the interactive management of clinical sites and the immense amount of trial data. OTT simply facilitates the ability to make faster & better decisions. It will:

  • Generate real-time alerts to alert all appropriate stakeholders
  • Provide the data you need to prioritize monitoring priorities
  • Highlight the clinical operational opportunities in front of you based on real-time, easy to interpret motion charts


Failing Fast with On-Time Trials

OTT’s platform is proven. Simply put, we can help accelerate your speed-to-market. We can also aid in identifying underperforming sites so you can adjust, or simply, “fail fast” in order to save money, leverage learnings, and relaunch.

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