On-Time Trials


With On-Time Trials, our protocol ramp-up time can be complete in as few as 15 days!

Operational Readiness

On-Time Trials is committed to providing a collaborative, efficient, and swift onboarding process.

Our implementation consultants will communicate with your teams to ensure your protocol is primed for success. Using our algorithm to best match your protocol, they will configure all details, site recruitment plans, and operational parameters. 

All sponsor and CRO users and sites will be added and we will further support you by providing thorough training on the OTT platform, features, and functions.

Our technical teams will perform comprehensive data mapping as well as configure custom integration and testing. They will simultaneously create complete profiles and provide log-on details for all OTT users.

Go Live

Finally, OTT will establish the KPIs and the governance structure with your leadership and we are ready to go live and start the project.


OTT Implementation consultants will be with you every step of the way and will provide extra coaching, support, and governance oversight to your team as we start on this journey together.

Our goal is to listen to your challenges and feedback and make the OTT platform your operational system of choice that will enable you to keep your protocol and sites on track.


A Unique Platform

A SaaS platform that leverages Machine Learning to streamline the clinical trial monitoring process by optimizing your resources in both time and money.

Personal Health Information (PHI) & Accessibility
OTT does not use Personal Health Information (PHI). Instead, we look only look at real-time clinical trial operational data. Faster decision-making is facilitated presented through simple presentations and ease of access for everyone in the organization.
Interactive Project Management

Transform your project management: using our built in automated alert system and forward looking analytics. Dynamically toggle from the Protocol level to the site level and filter by days late for rapid identification of bottlenecks

People Management & Burnout

Effortlessly manage your team’s time by using OTT’s machine learning to automatically right-size monitoring effort to include regulatory tasks so sites can maintain good standing with IRB and sponsor.

Productivity & cost management

Reduce costs and increase retention of CRAs: OTT will revolutionize the way site visits are scheduled, eliminating non-value-add visits and empowering central teams to monitor remotely. Recapture revenue that would have otherwise been lost from “failing to fail” and underperforming sites.

Headcount planning

Our algorithm can quickly and accurately calculate operational demand into the future that can improve decision-making for hiring and redeploying your resources.

New Business Opportunities

Machine learning-enabled algorithm based on TA and indication sizes the monitoring effort so you can bid with confidence. Sponsors can use this also to benchmark competing CRO proposals.


OTT has flexible payment options but primarily charges customers by active sites. If the site is no longer active, you stop paying for that site. No limits on the number of users.

Get Started with OTT

Our SaaS Platform accurately predicts monitoring demand for each specific protocol & creates friendly alerts that help guide CRAs to success.