On-Time Trials
Accelerate Your Clinical Trials

Only 13% of all clinical trials will be successful at bringing a product to market.

That’s a super-tight window to success, but we can help.


Disruptive Technology

On-Time Trials is a positive disruptor in the clinical trials and devices space. Finishing trials on time or getting a device to market or early, not only provides hard savings but also enables revenue and margin capture for sponsors.

How Can ON-Time trials help


Plant the flag and secure IP rights for seven years.

On average, first entrants achieve a higher market share ten years after launch.

Greater Efficiency
Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. On-Time Trials can enhance the operational aspect of your clinical trial.


Fail Fast

What does Failing Fast mean? by failing fast you save money, leverage learnings, and relaunch.


Enhanced Cost Control

On-Time Trials focuses on optimizing the workflow of the trial between the CRAs and the sites, allowing real-time decisions about resource allocation to ensure trials finish on time or early.


Superior Monitoring

Measure what moves the needle. With On-Time Trials powerful visual charts and timely alert system, combined with our forward-looking analytics, monitor proactively instead of reactively.

Secure New Business

On-Time Trials Machine Learning algorithm can help increase your win ratio when you bid for new business opportunities from sponsors. The same holds true for sponsors who want to benchmark proposals received.

Fulfilling an unmet need 

The OTT platform is an innovative solution to interactive monitoring and real-time decision-making during clinical trials, seamlessly integrating alongside existing electronic systems. OTT effectively addresses an unmet need.


The OTT solution has shown a significant impact on the effectiveness of Phase 3 trial execution in 70+ sites resulting in finishing nearly 2 months early.